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John Whitford Communications in Atascadero CA gives you a complete home entertainment experience! Our experts can mount your flat screen and install your home theater. We can even take care of that during your satellite service installation.

TV Mounting and Installation

From tabletop setup to custom wall mounts, John Whitford Communications will help you enjoy DISH TV from every point of view. We'll install the wall brackets, connect and configure audio and video components, neatly tie or conceal wires, and even set up remote control programming.

On a Stand

  • Place TV on stand
  • Set up video sources
  • Education on setup and use

On a Wall

  • Wall mount TV
  • Wiring concealed in-wall
  • Education on setup and use

Home Theater Installation

Optimize your DISH TV Service with a surround-sound speaker system. John Whitford Communications will install your speakers, conceal wires in the wall or with paintable wire molding, calibrate the audio, and integrate your speakers with an A/V receiver; we provide the speaker wire.

No In-Wall Wiring

  • Two front, two rear, one center, one subwoofer (5.1)
  • Wiring concealed in paintable wire molding
  • Connect and configure your A/V receiver

In Wall Wiring

  • Two front, two rear, one center, one subwoofer (5.1)
  • Wiring concealed in-wall
  • Connect and configure your A/V receiver

Install 2 Speakers

  • Expand from 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound
  • Add speakers outdoors or in another room
  • On or in-wall speaker installation
  • Wiring concealed in-wall
  • Integrate speakers with A/V receiver

Wireless Network and Security

Need an in-home wireless network? No sweat. Our technicians will set up, configure and secure your router; install security software to protect your computer; and connect wireless devices, including your gaming systems.

Wireless Network

  • Installation of wireless router
  • Password protect network
  • Connect Internet ready devices (IPTV, computer, gaming systems)
  • Education on setup

Component Integration

  • Connect Internet ready devices. (IPTV, computer, gaming systems)
  • Wireless or wired connection
  • Education on setup


Don't have everything you need to complete your home theater? We have you covered. John Whitford Communications offers high-quality components at low prices. Ask us which accessories are right for you.

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