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DISH Hopper + Amazon Alexa
Even Better Together

Easily Control TV with your voice
Only DISH + Amazon Alexa gives you hands-free control of the Hopper

DISH is Tuned In To YouTM.

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Use Your Voice. Not Your Hands.
With Amazon Echo TV Control.

“Alexa, find The Big Bang Theory”

“Alexa, go to Channel 300”

“Alexa, show me Tom Hanks movies”

“Alexa, play Game of Thrones”

“Alexa, pause”

“Alexa, rewind”

Simply link your Amazon Echo, Tap, or Echo Dot to your Hopper 3 and:

Change the channel

Search your Hopper by show/movie title, actor, or genre

Control your DVR

Pause, stop, fast-forward, rewind, and skip

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Alexa App

They Play Nice Together

Download the Alexa App and enable your Hopper skill.

Easy Setup

One. Two. Three. Control TV.

It's very easy to setup, install, and integrate DISH Hopper and Amazon Alexa.

Powerful Tech

Technical Specs

DISH Hopper receivers integrate with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Amazon Tap.

Hopper 3 Smart DVR

The World’s Most Powerful DVR

Get the power to turn any TV into a smart TV, the ability to record up to 16 show at once, and more.

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